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Nicole Thomson, MA, RCC

Nicole is passionate about helping people get “unstuck”, whether feeling like we procrastinate too much, are on the verge of major life choices, repeating patterns in relationships, or just tend to get stuck in cycles of worry or negativity. Seeing her clients get unstuck and reach their goals is her most favourite thing.

Nicole has an MA in Counselling Psychology from UBC. She specialises in anxiety and  ADHD, using mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy.

You can learn more about Nicole on her website:

Ryan Payne, Ma, rcc

Ryan’s counselling style involves “following the client’s lead”, going where the session takes them and working with what shows up. Ultimately, Ryan is interested in helping you “get something different” from life, and views therapy as a safe and productive space to work towards that. 

Ryan has an MA in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. He lives in Squamish with his wife and two sons.    

Contact Ryan through his website:

Helen Beynon, MCAP, RCC

Helen helps adults of all ages and identities to work through anxiety and grief. Together we can navigate life transitions, relationships, loss, pain or injury. We can work to shift old patterns and heal emotional wounds so you can reconnect to your essential self and start living from a place of greater ease and vitality.

Attachment theory, somatics, mindfulness and neuroscience inform the variety of therapeutic approaches Helen draws on.

Helen has an MA in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. You can learn more about her on her website:

Julie Miller, MSW, RSW

Julie’s passion in counselling is to create a relationship built on safety, trust, and hope, where people feel accepted and challenged to grow in new and meaningful ways.  

Julie, a registered Social Worker, has a MA In Social Work from UBC.  Julie is a trained sexual health educator, trauma yoga instructor, and family sleep consultant. Julie has spent years working with youth with eating disorder behaviors and those having experienced trauma. Julie works with individuals and families with a focus on youth and young adults. 

Find out more on Julie’s website:

Megan McLaren, MA, RCC

Megan has experience working with many concerns, using a handful of perspectives including narrative, person-centered, and Adlerian therapy. Megan’s approach to therapy is quite simply “human”. This allows genuine, authentic connection and trust using humour, laughter, and self-disclosure when appropriate. Megan tends to be curious about family narrative, roles in relationships, world-view/belief systems, mind-body connections, imagery within dreams, and the integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Megan is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with an MA Counselling, and experience in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy.  

You can reach Megan: Here.